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Although many equate sustainability with actions taken to protect the environment, there is quite a lot more that the concept encompasses. True sustainability looks at every decision a business takes—social, environmental and economic—and sees how it can affect the quality of life of future generations. NYX endeavors to achieve its goals of excellence, innovation and performance while keeping sustainability at the core of all we do.


People and the environment are the automotive industry’s most important resources, and, for this reason, we work together to attain the highest standard in business integrity and in the social and environmental performance of our supply chain.


We operate on an ethical basis, saying no to practices like child/forced labor and making sure employees can actively talk through issues without fear of retribution within the company. NYX prides itself on its family atmosphere, so we take the human element of our work very seriously.


NYX cares about the environment and doing its part in preventing environmental pollution. The 3R Policy (reduce, reuse recycle) is important at all our facilities, and each plant manages resources wisely.


Ethical wages that comply with local, state and federal laws are an important part of any business. This extends to minimum wage, overtime pay and benefits as well.


NYX believes that how we operate as a company is strongly rooted in our core values. We rise to every challenge, respect all stakeholders, embrace diversity with a set of common values, and foster an environment where creativity and hands-on leadership can flourish. We always strive to “get the job done, and in the right way”!


The strong relationships we have fostered within the NYX family are a point of great pride for us, and that extends to our relationships with our external providers. Through these relationships, there is an abundance of mutual benefit and success.


This sustainability policy also applies to external providers and their subcontractors that provide products and services to NYX. Further information regarding these responsibilities for external providers are outlined in the supplier manual.


We expect our suppliers to support NYX environmental sustainability goals by complying with all applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations and utilizing resources wisely.

NYX and the environment

Environmental Responsibilities

NYX is committed to environmental protection, employee health and safety, compliance with applicable legal and other obligations, pollution prevention, efficient use of energy, water and other natural resource, reducing the environment impact and improving the environmental performance of or products and supply chain. Safety and health of our employees are important to us. We will not put employees in a situation that could be harmful to their wellbeing. The three basic commitments for the environmental policy are specified are stated below-
a. Protect the environment and prevent the environmental pollution. b. Fulfil the organization’s compliance obligations c. Continually improve the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.
NYX Environmental Policy: (3 R’s) Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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