HUmble beginnings

Eight dollars and a dream--the story of Chain Singh Sandhu

There is no greater example of the quintessential American spirit than our founder, Chain Singh Sandhu. 

In 1969, Chain left his entire life in India behind with little more than determination, a dream, and $8 in hand. During a time where opportunities were scarce for foreign engineers, he decided that he would make his own path. One way or the other, he was going to make his dreams come true.


Eventually, his sharp mind and hard work eventually earned him the title of the first Indian to receive a senior engineering title from General Motors. From there, he acquired NYX in 1989 and turned it into the multi-billion dollar company we know it as today.

However, ask any employee of NYX how they remember Chain and his business mindset will be the last thing on their mind. Instead, his compassion takes front and center stage. Most will be eager to tell you about the warmth that he carried, treating the NYX staff as an extension of his own family. He made sure to remember every name and face, and made sure that things were fair for all employees from the ground up. 

Today, we make sure to carry Chain’s spirit into everything we do. We embrace his spirit of innovation and hard work, but also the “people-first” approach he brings to the table. When you decide to work with NYX, you’re not just getting a company that does things right–you’re getting a company with a history of doing things from the heart.

Our founder and his family when they first arrived in the United States.

30+ years of the best solutions in the industry

Since our inception, we have provided nothing but the best solutions for our clients. Although we’ve added multiple capabilities to our repertoire, one thing that has not changed is our dedication to providing the best.

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