Executive Management Team

Executive Management Team

Our Executive Management Team is committed to creating a flexible high performance organization that enhances our value proposition to our customers. This team executes strategies and develops road maps for the continued success of our business. Our Executive Management Team has created and embraced a culture for free-flow of information and ideas. By linking NYX’s cross-functional value streams, our team has transformed NYX into a Flexible & Customer Responsive organization.

Chain Sandhu Chain S. Sandhu | Chairman

Chain Sandhu acquired NYX in 1989 and has since taken a $2 million business to a $250 million enterprise (2003). Mr. Sandhu lists people, technology and quality as the cornerstones of his ‘invest and grow’ strategy for NYX. Chain has a Masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering, as well as impressive teaching credentials, a strong history of improving efficiency and quality, along with an equally impressive career spanning 18 years at General Motors. NYX and Mr. Sandhu have been honored with several awards including the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award (2000), Hank Aguirre ‘Humanitarian award’ from MMSDC (1999) and the ‘Entrepreneur Achievement Award’ from TIE. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the MMSDC and APACC. He is also a charter member of TIE and chairman of the Sikh foundation.

Jatinder-Bir Sandhu

Jatinder-Bir Sandhu | CEO
Jatinder-Bir Sandhu is a senior executive with over 16 years in the automotive supplier sector. Mr. Sandhu started his career at NYX in 1989, as a production manager followed by a stint as plant manager of NYX – Schoolcraft. Mr. Sandhu manages the operations of all facilities and 2000+ employees. Mr. Sandhu previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer of NYX for 12 years. During his tenure as CFO, NYX successfully completed and integrated eight acquisitions. He has played a key role in developing and implementing NYX’s product strategy, operating systems and management culture during its growth from a $2 million business in 1989 to a $250 million enterprise (2003). Mr. Sandhu graduated with honor in Physics and Biology from Butler University in 1987 and a MBA from the University of Detroit in 1990.