NYX has achieved substantial growth and success in the past decade thanks to the continued dedication and commitment of its most valued investment – its workforce. The NYX culture is a byproduct of people from many diverse cultures & backgrounds. We are proud to offer our employees careers, not just jobs. Our team- oriented, cross-functional linking of value streams allows us to meet our Mission, which is one reason why we continue to invest in Class A talent. Our employees understand the challenges that lie ahead and are ready to face those challenges to enhance our success. This attitude and spirit allows them to drive innovation where and whenever possible.


If USA is the land of opportunity, NYX Inc. best represents it. I joined NYX as an intern and grew with the company to my current position of Director of Quality. At NYX, professionals who are hard working, have a great attitude and work ethic, and who are technically capable have tremendous potential for career growth. Cultural diversity is one of the biggest strengths of NYX. NYX is my first employer, and I hope this would be my last one too.
• Vijay Kanakamedala, President, Employee of NYX since 1993


Working at NYX is one of best choices I made in my life. I have been working at NYX since 1994. During this period I have had an opportunity to work in various departments and gain skills in various areas such as quality, manufacturing, shipping, etc. Working at NYX is like being part of a family, that has shaped my future goals.
• Eddie Alam, Director of Materials, Employee of NYX since 1994

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