Covid Update – English

At NYX, as we have emphasized all along, safety of the employees is the top most priority. Everyone is well aware of the extraordinary COVID safety protocols we have implemented since resumption of our production since last week of May. Because of these measures we have successfully prevented any spike of COVID cases till now. But unfortunately, last week we have several COVID 19 positive cases in Livonia Assembly. We want to be very transparent and honest with our communication and give the NYX family clear status update and aggressive steps we have taken to keep work place safe for all our NYX families. Following steps have been taken since we came to know about the first 2 reported cases.

• Shut the production down and send employees for testing. We have tested more than 200 Livonia employees between Monday and Tuesday.
• Deployed NYX KOPPS teams and process to deep clean entire plant work areas, lunch rooms and rest rooms. And any areas that will be touched by the employees.
• Implemented UVC light disinfecting in lunch rooms and restrooms every shift to ensure thorough sterilization.
• Since Wednesday only COVID test negative people were allowed back to work.
• To ensure the safety beyond doubt, on Friday we have brought COVID PCR testing onsite at NYX. We have tested almost 150 employees again and results will be available Sunday 9/27.
• As soon as results are available, HR department will reach out to the employees. Only employees with COVID 19 PCR test negative will be allowed back to work at NYX Livonia assembly.

As a company responsibility we have taken these extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of NYX families and instill confidence in the employees about their work place and their fellow team members. Being NYX family member we are asking for you to own and fulfil your responsibilities as well.
• If you are not part of the testing, or tested and notified of being negative, please come to work with confidence knowing work areas are clean and fellow employees are tested negative. It is important to sustain production levels safely without impacting customer assembly plants.
• While you are at work, it is very important to follow safety protocols of wearing masks all the except while having lunch, face shields where needed, washing hands and keeping social distance.
• While at home, please behave responsibly following safety protocols because not only it is detrimental to your health but also to your fellow team members at work and NYX significantly.
• If you or your household family member have any of the COVID symptoms, please notify HR and take next steps, rather than coming to work as normal.
• Please notify HR department in case you travelled out of state or you have visitors from out of state.

We are also working on few other testing and tracing initiatives to enhance safety measures. We will be providing these details soon. It takes all of us to do our part and come together to get through this tough period. For those NYX family members who were tested positive, NYX will be there with them and address their needs and wellbeing through their recovery. We are confident with all the steps we have taken, all employees will be safer than ever at work place. And with your support in returning to work and following safety protocols, we will regain normalcy.

NYX Team